Can you increase the value of your house by installing wood flooring? Although some people can through here a lot of scepticism, there is no doubt that wood flooring looks fantastic, provides greater intrinsic value to a home, and it has a strong consumer preference.

Many studies show that low-quality vinyls, carpets and laminates can indeed drag your house value down and a lot of home buyers might be more inclined to rent, buy and pay more for houses fit with wood flooring.

Can Quality Wood Flooring Improve The Value of Your Home?

In our humble opinion, absolutely! Even if you argue that its coldness and hardness (which can be easily mitigated) can be a downside, visual appeal and other benefits of wood flooring can be hardly argued. A study of home buyer preferences by USA Today confirms that the majority of home buyers are willing to spend more money for a home with hardwood flooring.

In the U.S. real estate agents commonly agree that houses with quality wood flooring:

Sell at the faster rate (82% agents say this)
Sell for more money (90% agents say this)
Are much easier to sell (99% of agents say this)

Healthier Alternative ?

The quality “green wooden floor” not only looks better and lasts longer than carpet floor, but it is also healthier, although data here can be very confusing.

Carpet manufacturers indicate that dust mites, pollen, and other allergens trapped in your carpet are an advantage for people that might be allergic to it since they’re trapped and do not spread. There are also studies which indicate “filter-like” capabilities of carpet. On the other hand, many other studies report fairly horrifying reports detailing allergens and the parasites that can dwell in carpets and significantly contribute to many health conditions. If you read these reports you probably won’t want to go anywhere near a carpet.

From our own experience and perspective, being able to see dust and remove it, is a much better situation than having trapped particles all over your house. Most people affected by an allergy that can be related to carpet dwellers also confirm a better quality of wood flooring for their health.

So, If you have an old carpet covering up your hardwood floors, it might be a good idea to rip it up and give your wood a little bit of refreshing not only to add to the value of your house and increase its likeability (in which case it should sell faster) but also to improve your health. If you don’t have one, installing a new quality wooden floor can be a great investment too, however, this could depend on the market in a given area.

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