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All flooring services – floor fitting, floor sanding, flooring repair, floor refinishing etc. could start in customer’s property after confirmation of the date and after deposit for flooring material (if any) is cleared.

Additional work – which does not appear in our quotation will be subject to an extra charge.

Cancellation of service – If for any reason the Customer wishes to cancel and not reschedule already booked appointment, he/she have the right to do so by sending the Wood Floor Sanding Experts a written notification by email or by calling us on 07794525032, no later than 2 working days before the booked date. If failing to do so, the Company keeps the right to charge £300 late cancellation fee.

Payments – 100% of materials cost (if any) need to be paid for in advance.

Materials / Products Guaranty – We can guarantee that we use only the top quality products.( Wood floor fillers, varnishes, oils, sanding equipment) Products and materials are under manufacturer’s guaranty and The Company “Wood Floor Sanding Experts” is not liable for any defects arising as a result of faulty products / materials.

Refinishing – All colour samples are representative and may vary due to individual conditions. Wood floor Sanding experts will not be held responsible for any colour differences due to these individual conditions.

Maintenance – Wood Floor Sanding Experts accepts no responsibility or liability of any floor, for the ongoing maintenance. We always recommend maintaining your floor with professional maintenance products only.


– On site customer will be responsible for providing lights, electricity and clear access. E.g. Furniture must be removed by customer prior to works start date, unless furniture remove cost is in the written quote price.

– Any damages or marks found in the floor that have been caused by any member of our company will only be rectified if pointed out to one of our workers before the client has signed off work. Any damages noticed after this time i.e. the following day, will be assumed to be the fault of the client and will not be rectified.

– Stains, varnishes and other materials used at refinishing wood floors require several coats and need an adequate time to dry. Customer must not walk or use the drying surface in any way through recommended period of time. Our company does not take any responsibility for damages caused by customers not adhering to advice given by a member of our company.

– It is the client’s responsibility to check and ensure the colour is appropriate before the application. Re-colouring will be chargeable.