The custom work is simply the manifestation of the perfection of natural wood flooring. Here are 10 amazing wood floors that will blow your mind.

Log Rounds

No, it is not vinyl flooring. 100% natural. This creative composite of log rounds makes an outstanding effect. Logs End is not just any hardwood flooring company. The work by this falk simply knocks your sock off. Not only they do an amazing job but instead of cutting down new-growth trees, they primarily focus on retrieving “lost” timber, 100% reclaimed wood.

amazing wood floors

Wine Box Floors

Don’t throw away your wine boxes/crates.  Creative intelligence creates a magical effect out of everyday scraps.

Author: Unknown.

Wood Floor Tiles

These wood tiles by Jamie Beckwith are handcrafted tiles which use traditional ornamentation idea with a modern twist of creativity.

Color Parquet Flooring

Below, there are a few examples of modern innovative wood flooring by Bauwerk Parquet and Zurich designer Virginia Maissen.

Carved Wood Flooring

This artistic kid inspired idea by Mafi is not only a unique piece of  work but also a fun approach to natural wood floors.

Jigsaw Puzzle Floor

An adult version of Jigsaw Puzzle Floor is another Wood Flooring masterpiece by Jamie Beckwith.

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